Welcome to my painting studio. It all started about 10 years ago with acrylic paint. Since then, I have been learning and developing my art. I paint on canvas with oil and acrylic. I undertake various topics and techniques. Although painting is not my main occupation, I willingly sell my works and paint for orders.

When I am at the easel, time flows at an unreal pace, there is no outside world, only canvas, paint and imagination. Painting and art open me to the world and people. It helps to understand how important the moment I am trying to keep on the canvas is.
I usually take inspiration from observing the surrounding world, sometimes from photos.

Custom oil paintings
I am happy to sell my art. I also carry out orders for painting acrylic and oil paintings.
An oil painting is a great gift that will be a memento for generations.
Do you have an idea for a painting? Write to me, and I will transfer your vision to the canvas.

W. Piotr Szukala

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